"We're the ones we've been waiting for"

Take the pledge
to fight for our Rights
to the future

Our generation must rise to restore our rights to the future. We, young people, will inherit a future we did not build. Climate destruction threatens our very existence on this planet. Corporations profit off our illness, imprisonment and separation of our families. Our leaders govern for the wealthiest and most powerful, not for the people. 


We must rise to fight for a people’s democracy -- a government that puts people over corporations, that meets our essential human needs and that recognizes young people as central to our collective future.

We demand our Rights to The Future

Right to clean air, water, and existence on this planet

Right to be free and live with dignity and without discrimination

Right to have our most basic needs met within our communities

Right to determine the future of our democracy and economy

I take the pledge to defend our rights to the future and want to stay connected. 

Thanks for taking action on our Rights To The Future!